Recaps with Mish and Zach

Season 1 of Masterchef Australia - Week 8 Part 2

December 19, 2019

Zach and Mish thought they could see into the future... ten years into the future... all the way to 2019. They thought they had all the answers. They thought they had outsmarted Masterchef Australia, 2009. That was until the world famous 'Minestrone Taste Test Elimination' between Poh (she's a very well known Australian television personality with years of culinary experience and a raw talent for cooking that cannot be rivaled) and Sam (a 24 year old call centre manager in a fedora)...
Listen to Mish and Zach slowly fall deeper into insanity as they review week 8 part 2 of Masterchef Australia season 1. 

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